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...and here is the second part of those pictures. I made two blogpost because there was way to many pictures to be in the same post.
I give you the first picturebomb with the photos from when I went to "Svensbyliden". Enjoy!
...and it´s already beer in the elevator at my building, the lock on the backdoor is broken and the backyard (the parkinglot) is full of shattered glass...
PDOL 2012 has officially started! ;-P
I have been "saturday-night-chauffeur" tonight, that´s why this blogpost is published so late (or early, depend how you see it). But I will go to bed right after I´ve written this.
The pictures is from this evening when I went to the grocerystore because I needed some milk, but I will come back with funnier pictures later.
Some pictures from today (or technical; yesterday) when I took my camera and the new lens out to a place called "Furunäset". Last time I was there were in the spring, so it did feel so different to be there in the summer. But it is a lovely place, and I can surely recommend it for photography!
A couple of more pictures from "Swensbylijda". That place is just amazing for photography! I think I have to go there soon again, maybe take my tripod with me and take some HDR-material...
Here is the first pictures taken with my new lens. And I´m so in love with it! I am so really glad that I invested in the better lens instead of the same as the last. I love the big aperture!
After work today I went to buy a new little toy  - a new lens to my dear camera. I had a 50mm-lens before, but it broke. This time I liked to get the better version of that lens, and now I´m the owner of a brand new Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens!
I can´t wait to try it properly!
Took my car and my camera for a photoride tonight. Went to "Swensbylijda", a place a bit outside Piteå, and the eveninglight/sunset was just amazing!
Met those cuties, and they were really courios. Maybe it was because I had my dog with me...
These pictures is from the same evening when I took the pictures from the beach.
A couple of days ago, I took a little drive out to the beach. It was a nice evening, and I thought I could get some nice pictures. And the light there was pretty amazing for photography.
Here is a few of that night´s photos.
Hello, and WELCOME to my new blog!
I hope you will like it and stay as readers. I love photography, and my dream is to become a real Photographer some day. So this blog will be absolutely filled with photos, and I´ll be really happy if you wanted to leave a comment before you go. For example what you think about my pictures, and if you have any suggestions how they can be better. That is a good way to know what to practise, so I can improve my photoskills.
I will also try writing this blog in english (or maybe in both swedish and english).
But my earlier blogs have been in swedish (of course) and I wanted to try starting a little more international blog.
I just want to apologize in advance that my english is not the best.
But the keyword is "practice", right ;-)
So... with this three bluebell pictures I declare this photoblog open!
Again; WELCOME! and enjoy!