A very nice Friday at work :-)
This has been a Thursday like everyone else. Nothing out of the ordinary has happend. Just work and... not so much more.
But tomorrow it´s FRIDAY, which means that´s the last day before the weekend! And Saturday means a trip to IKEA! We´re going for a day to Haparanda.
To explain the headline... that was the first line I thought of when I saw that wiew last weekend. I really live in a beautiful part of this country! Summer is a season that really agrees with north of Sweden!
I really love having my own car! I can go with my camera longer than just around here in the city. Today I took the camera, the tripod and some snacks and went to a place called "Bröstfallet". It was a beautiful place to photograph (more pictures will be published later)!
And it was not just nice for photography... it was so wonderful just to sit there, watching the water and just enjoy the really nice saturday afternoon.
Here is some picturebombs with pictures from summer 2012.
This weekend I´ve put some colour in my hair. Felt like a change, and I have been blonde for my entire life (except a couple of month in 8th grade).
The colour is a little more dark in real life than on these pictures.
I´m sorry for the lousy blogging recently, but I haven´t touch my camera much this week. But I hope to change that soon... the weather is perfect right now, and there is a weekend ahead of us :-) Let´s hope the nice weather stays.
The three pictures in this post is from last Saturday, when I went to "NOLIA-mässan", a big market that take place in Piteå every other summer (Piteå and Umeå take turns to host it).
It is in nine days, but because my work I were only able to go on the weekend. But truthfully  -that was enough for me. I didn´t find anything this year.
First time I take pictures like this. They became not as good as I wanted, but I think they are nice to be the first try.
I´m starting to get REALLY annoyed with that cow of blogg.se! Like 3 times of 5 when I click on a blogg.se-blog it is something wrong, and that cow shows up. Just get lost, please!
I just logged in to say hello before I will go to bed. It became this late because I have been "chauffeur" tonight, like I wrote before.
See you later today (feels wrong to say "tomorrow" ;-))
I´m sorry for the bad update lately. I hasn´t published so many pictures the last couple of days, but today I took some new ones. I have been saturdaychauffeur for a couple of people who went to the festival "Luleåkalaset", and on my way home I took some pictures (it took me like two hours to come home, and if you just drive it take around 40 minutes between Piteå and Luleå)...
Could not resist going out with the camera later during Sunday evening. With all the traces from the weekend festival it was really fun to take photos (even if the city was rather disgusting for a few hours...)
Here, a week late, comes the pictures I took from the last day of PDOL.
I´m really glad it wasn´t me who would clean the city after the festival...